Should I tone?

You must have heard the age old process for a clean healthy skin. Cleanse, tone and moisturize. We know exactly what cleanses and moisturizes do, but there seems to be a lot of controversial views on toning. Some say toning is a must, others its your decision if you want to tone or not but … Continue reading Should I tone?


DIY Beauty Hacks:Hit or miss? (Egg whites)

You have probably┬ánoticed that, recently there has been many Do it your self beauty hacks popping around the web. Everyone is looking for the next best thing be it getting rid of excess oil, cleansing, toning, acne and getting rid of black heads. Because I really like to try new things I thought of giving … Continue reading DIY Beauty Hacks:Hit or miss? (Egg whites)

Acne scar blasters for beautiful skin

It is bad enough that many of us are plagued by acne, it is extremely irritating when it starts to leave scars behind! After all, scars take forever to fade making you want to put a paper bag on your head when ever you have to leave the house. Ever heard of the phrase prevention … Continue reading Acne scar blasters for beautiful skin