Use Aloe vera on your hair for this to happen

I used to always think that aloe vera was only good for your face. It is quite by accident that discovered how good aloe is to your hair. I actually saw a shampoo which has aloe as the main ingredient. It got me thinking why not use the ale gel directly from the plant for … Continue reading Use Aloe vera on your hair for this to happen


Potato for Acne marks: DIY

Acne marks are worse than acne. At least a pimple can be coaxed out of existence after awhile. But the marks it leaves behind hang around for weeks or months! Believe me no one wants that. Using potato is a simple and effective solution for acne marks. Below are a few hacks that were tried … Continue reading Potato for Acne marks: DIY

DIY Beauty Hacks:Hit or miss? (Egg whites)

You have probably┬ánoticed that, recently there has been many Do it your self beauty hacks popping around the web. Everyone is looking for the next best thing be it getting rid of excess oil, cleansing, toning, acne and getting rid of black heads. Because I really like to try new things I thought of giving … Continue reading DIY Beauty Hacks:Hit or miss? (Egg whites)