Product review: Lotus Herbals Nutranite skin renewal night cream

Night creams are pretty important if you want beautiful skin. It keeps your skin hydrated through out the night and gives many other benefits.

Today I am going to review a night cream from Lotus. Its called skin renewal Nutritive night cream.


20170422_202659As you can see it comes in a glass jar. It looks and smell pretty great. But the jar is made out of glass so its quite heavy and not travel friendly.

The texture is light and absorbs in to the skin within minutes.


The ingredients are written at the back:



And it it claims:


My experience:

I got to say I am pretty disappointed with this night cream. The cream claims that it suits all skin types. But it definitely does not suit my combination skin. Unless I apply the bare minimum, after 10 minutes my face becomes extremely oily. Also I have been using this cream for three weeks and I didn’t see any improvement on my skin. Though I should say it hasn’t caused any break outs either.

This definitely did not work out for me and I will not recommend it to anyone. Maybe it suits people with dry skin, I do not know. But if you have oily/combination type skin don’t use this product there are way better night creams out there.

My final verdict is 2/10 – I will not recommended it to anyone.


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