DIY Beauty Hacks:Hit or miss? (Egg whites)


You have probably noticed that, recently there has been many Do it your self beauty hacks popping around the web. Everyone is looking for the next best thing be it getting rid of excess oil, cleansing, toning, acne and getting rid of black heads. Because I really like to try new things I thought of giving these beauty hacks a try. After all most of them are cheap, natural, chemical free and easy to do. So it seemed like a instant winner.

After researching a ridiculous amount of Pinterest posts,  I decided to apply egg white on my face (Hey, it’s just one ingredient, doesn’t get easier than that)

Since my skin is a combination type skin (Oily on my t-zone but normal in the other areas) I needed something that would get rid of excess oil on my face and make my pores look smaller.

By using egg white, the author claimed that my face would be tighter thus reducing the appearance of pores and even fade acne scars (I have a stubborn scar that refuses to fade).

The method:

  • Separate the egg white and put it in a bowl
  • Whisk it till it becomes frothy
  •  Apply it on the face
  •  and after 15-20 minutes wash it off

So that night I followed the instruction to a tee. I hated the eggy smell, but I was already committed so I just went with it. After 20 minutes I washed my face and looked in to the mirror the results were amazing! my skin had lost the shiny coating , it was tighter and there were no visible pores.

So I finished my night time routine and went to bed. Unfortunately by morning the amazing results I experienced the day before was gone. My skin had reverted back to its old shiny look.

But I didn’t give up after all, Rome was not built on a day so I tried it diligently for two weeks with no visible results. Sadly, I finally came to the conclusion that the results were temporary so it was a bust to me.

Have you ever tried the egg white method? Did it work or were you disappointed like me? Comment and let me know.


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